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Blower Door Testing (Energy loss)
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Ventilation Verification
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HVAC Mission Critical Certification Support
Completion Reporting
Ventilation Assessments 

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Air & Hydronic Testing and Balancing
Pre-Construction Surveys
Duct Leakage Testing
HVAC Mission Critical Certification Support
Completion Reporting

COVID-19 Ventilation Verification

Recent events with the COVID-19 virus have put a spotlight on the importance of a proper ventilated indoor environment. dL Flow Tech thru the years has had the experience of working in critical environments such as labs, clean rooms, outpatient medical facilities, hospitals and commercial kitchens. Yearly testing and verification has always been a vital task in ensuring the users safety. Now with the spreading of highly contagious viruses all indoor environments are critical settings.

Schools, restaurants, retail stores and any other spaces where large groups congregate have been an area of alarm. Our testing services include survey of flows and system performance, rebalancing systems to their initial design, and providing certified reports on HVAC operating conditions. In addition yearly services of testing room pressurization, air change rates and fresh air flow are now vital in maintaining a safe environment for occupants.

So regardless of your buildings use, the safety of its occupants is the primary concern. Verifying the buildings air flow and maintaining periotic testing gives piece of mind that even airflow, which can’t be seen, is being monitored and adjusted to the building’s needs.  

Our Focus

dL Flow Tech is an independent certified heating and air conditioning firm specializing in air and hydronic testing and balancing. We’re strategically located in the New York Hudson Valley. Our service region includes the Tri-State region and greater Hudson Valley from NYC to Albany. Over three decades in business, we’ve consistently delivered outstanding technical expertise, integrity in building certification support, and an unfailing commitment to customer service.


Professional Services
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We work with building owners, architects, engineers, and trade contractors to test, adjust and balance HVAC systems installed in existing, new and remodeled buildings, ensuring the systems meet standards for building codes, certification for mission critical applications such as health care and laboratory facilities, and satisfy prevailing energy codes.

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